About Desirae

Measurements 36-29-26
Bra Size 36-F
Height 5' 7"
Weight 142 lbs.
Birthday August 21st

Who is Desirae? She's a Florida girl with a naturally stacked and curvy body and a sexy, pretty face that can look virginal one moment and horny the next. How was she discovered? "One day a guy who was watching me on webcam came into the chat room and told me that I was very pretty," Desirae said. She was all of 19 years-old. "I gave him my email address and he sent it to SCORE. The next day, a SCORE photographer emailed me. I never thought I'd ever be a model. I was totally shocked when they invited me to come to SCORE. I was very flattered by all of this. My self-confidence had really been shot down a lot because I had a lot of guys say cruel things about me and my breasts in high school."

Desirae found she loved modeling and the sexy, erotic atmosphere of being photographed in the studio as well as at outdoor locations and she loved the wardrobes, the heels, the toys and seeing herself on magazine covers. The whole nine yards. Like a switch being turned on, the camera makes Desirae horny, knowing that lots of guys are sharing in her experiences and approving of her.

She developed big tits at an early age and was a D-cup by eighth grade. But she's never been sure of her exact boob size. "At first I didn't care because I didn't really realize that my boobs were growing. I mean I knew they were growing and I knew I needed a bra, but I didn't realize just how big I was getting. In 8th grade is when I realized because everyone was staring at me. Now my size fluctuates from a 36F to a 36G. Right before I get my period, my breasts will swell so I'll wear a G cup. Afterwards, they shrink back down to an F. The only store that really carries my size where I live is Fredericks of Hollywood."